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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 1, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this is mike huckabee from new york. good night, god bless and stay tuned for justice with judge jani janine. hello and welcome to justice. thanks for being with us tonight. you know the united states was the world's super power both respected and feared. were time presidents like fdr, eisenhower and jfk said what they meant and meant what they said. fast forward to the obama administration, clueless on the world stage, completely clueless on the war front. president obama has no war strategy, fickle foreign policy and a paperer tiger immanual. all the while threatening just
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about everybody and going after just about nobody. never meaning what he says or saying what he means. his policies are destroying our country, putting our troops in harm's way and endangering america's security. his blof yating is creating ill will around the world. pity the next president of the united states. now, the skirmish hasn't even begun between russia and ukraine yet president obama runs out to a press conference last night to get in the middle of the fight warning russia that there will be cost for any russian military intervention. take a listen. >> indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> really, mr. president? what are you going to do? your red lines become pink lines
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which in the end makes look completely yellow. and just this afternoon, mr. president, you had a call with president putin where you told putin that his actions would negatively impact russia's standing in the international community. seriously? you're worried about russia's standing in the international community? why don't you worry about your own, which is a mess? by the way, who made you the world's cop? being dictator in the united states doesn't make you king of the world. what is it about you? is it your ego? you don't even have a dog in that fight? don't you have enough to do here at home? you can't win a war and yet you can't wait to get in the middle of someone else's. come on, now. is it those war credentials that
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you earned fighting the taliban in afghanistan after diterring for months, deciding on a troop surge and then telling the enemy your withdrawal date? it's clueless. some military strategy, one apparently you didn't even believe according to your then secretary of defense, robert gates. so why are you scrapping for a fight? for what? your red lines, your threats, your foreign policy, it's all full of hot air. it's actually embarrassing. now, you don't have a foreign policy and everybody knows it. have you already forgotten that you and hagel just announced this week you were reducing the size of the military to preworld war ii levels while the rest of the world is on the march increasing the size of their military? and by the way, what does a pre
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world war ii level mean? everyone going to be flying around in a prop plane? then for sure we'll never be able to protect our troops around the world. as in benghazi? hell, why not go back to s troops? ♪ they know their moral ♪ as long as they all relax in town before they resume with a bang and a boom ♪ ♪ s troops >> clueless. and what's with happenless hagel, one of two senators voting against sanctioning iran who actually said in al gear ra the united states was the bully? whoi are you? with the advancement of goble terrorism, the black al-qaeda flight flying over i rack with russia aligned with syria and i
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ran, you geniuses decide to make drastic cuts in the military? at least putin got his parliament to give him permission to use troops in the ukrai ukraine. and you threatening putin? isn't he the guy that you engaged to broker a deal with syria? relying on his credibility to tell you that syria would eliminate its chemical weapons and therefore eliminate the need for you embarrassing limited strike? speaking of putin you begged them return that traitor edward snowden as your detective perjured himself and lied before congress. and speaking of syria, why did you wait for the blood of 100,000 innocent civilians to be spilled on the sands of syria
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before you even threatened to act? yet in ukraine, they haven't even started the fighting and you want to get in the middle of it. by the way, aren't you supposed to be a pass vis? did you forget you won the nobel peace prize? mr. president, everyone is laughing at us. you're like a schoolyard bully. no one is afraid of you. putin certainly isn't. he's a former high ranking kgb. he's got all the military credentials he needs. and what might your military credentials be, mr. commander in chief? and that's my opening statement. with me now is former deputy assistant secretary defense and fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and own the phone colonel david hunt. k.t., i mean putin has already moved the military into the
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ukraine, so what gives? >> i think it's a done deal. he sees crimea where there's a large russian population and he's taken what he's wanted. but obama is talking but putin has taken. this is part of his greater scheme to recreate the greater russia. he's talked about the disillusion of the soviet union to be the greatest strategic disaster. he's now going to take the crimea back where he has a base, he's going to pressure aloft the other countries in the region to welcome russian basing rights, russian military bases are going to be rebuilt. and he's really removed himself from this little position and he's assuming this new big position. >> he's moving on to the middle east. >> many made a left turn from the unity thing. >> how do you see this
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unfoldings militarily? will the ukraine fight? will russia stop at crimea? >> it's possible. what putin has done is mass divisions on the border. and k.t. is obviously correct. a lesson for this is what happened in georgia. putin will crush the ukraine. there will be little ability to push back and the ukrainians will be lucky if they stop at cry mia. >> why ukraine? what does putin want there? >> he wants attention, it's a land mass, there's oil and gas. he will not -- they've already kwa zie independent. he just won't let it happen. and he can't. he can't. so that's why you're finding this mass military, and the rest of the world has little to no capability to stop it.
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>> k.t., do you see the united states acting militarily? >> no, i don't think there's a military action. the only thing the yoits could do is maybe economic. they could do economic assistance to the ukraine. the ukraine is broke. they need $30 billion and no one is stepping up to lend it to them. you can throw money at them and it might disappear. the only people who have been offering the checkbook have been the russians. they've offered to give them $15 billion and not ask a whole lot of questions about whose pockets some of it is going on. >> colonel, is this about oil? is it about a pipeline? why krcrimea? >> it's about that and about russia regaining their prominence. we've seen 70 people evacuated by russian special forces with the mobs. this is now a violent move into
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the crimea to get it back. we've got units in europe are not going to go anywhere near this. >> why? >> we don't have a strategic interest >> what do you mean by strategic interest? >> we don't have a dog in this fight. >> that's what i said. what is the president blof yating about? >> well, he's the only, the only chance the world has, certainly without europes help in making any dent in this which will be little is with u.s. leadership. but he's being pushed in that direction. we have no military threat to this. we're not going to move ships into the black sea. we're not moving submarines around. we'll put a lot of satellites around to look at it. there are no military divisions going to make this -- >> you and the colonel are agreeing on this. what is he 0 blof yating about?
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>> well i don't think he lakes the idea putin is doing something -- >> he's always one-upping him. >> he makes a speech and says don't do that, there will be consequences that somebody everybody is going to go, oh, we're going to run back and hide. it's like the parent telling the kid you've got to be home by 9:00 or else. >> there's never an or else. >> the kid stays out until midnight. that's what putin is doing. every single opportunity whether it's in the middle east -- nobody noticed for example last week while the olympics were going on putin went back to moscow and the egyptian leader wentz went to moscow and the two of them signed a deal. with a few strokes of the pen the russias replaced the united states as a major strategic player in the middle east. >> what can we expect to see in the next couple of weeks? >> russia will not leave until
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the noise calms down in ukraine. we'll see some talk from us. ideas we're showing up with is to limit the travel of russian politicia politicians. come on. it's ridiculous. it will be talk with little no action except on the russian side. and if ukraine looks wrong, they'll crush them. we're not going to be able to do in. >> watch what happened with the natural gas. if anybody gets too out of line, russia is going to shut that down so fast they'll be slifrg shivering and sitting in the dark. who bails out ukraine, does europe, the united states, or do the russians. >> k.t. and colonel hunt thanks so much for you incite on this. >> you're welcome. >> coming up, a medal of honor
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and should be re and considered carefully befo investing. for a current prospectus visit this week the obama administration announcing that it wants to reduce or level of the military, the army, in particular to pre world war ii levels. with me now is american hero marine sergeant dakota meyer. thank you for being with us tonight. >> good evening. >> you received the medal of honor. you know the horrors of war. take us there. how does a budget affect the safety of the military who's in harm's way? >> well, i mean it affects it multiple ways. one of the biggest ways is
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obviously the number cuts, cutting down the number of, you know, size of our military and soldiers and marine airmen. where the budget is going to start affecting us is on the side of the gear. we were already going over and fighting with gear that a lot of it is outdated. what does that do to us? it puts us at a place to where, you know, we're fighting uphill again. >> you're at a disadvantage in terms of gear. when you were in war and you received the medal of honor dakota for a reason, a lot of men and women died around you. how can we prevent that kind of thing from happening again if they continue to cut back the budget? >> well, i mean, you can't. you know, right now, you know, it does two things. i mean, you know, look at the stability of other countries and, you know, the chances of us
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going to war. you know, i mean, we keep repeating ourselves of world war ii, after vietnam we did the same thing. we keep cutting the military and then we have to build it up when we go into a fight. we forget what it cost to get a soldier, marine or airman back to where they're at. it costs money. you're going to get rid of the people you already have trained and ready to go to downsize to save money that you're going to have to spend in the long run. also, i think when the government does this is they also sit there and break a lot of promises that they had to men and women who raised their right hands to go over and are willing to give their right for their country and sacrifice. they did it for opportunities. and now you tell them that they have to get out? >> it's not only that. there's a whole line of things they want to reduce, not just the number of the mail tear and not just upgrading a lot of the equipment that they have.
6:19 pm
but also putting a cap on salaries, pension benefits being cut, all of that. how is this affecting the moral of the troops? >> yeah, i mean, i think it -- you lower, you know, the stability of it. i mean you lower -- why would people want to go -- if it's not a stable job, why would people want to come in? look, we just fought this war for 12 years. these men and women, you know, came out and did this for us and we're sitting there telling them we're going to stop your salary, u we're not going to increase your salary. we're going to make you get out and force retirement. what is going on? >> does it make you angry? >> it does. i mean there's so many other places we should start cutting before he start cutting the military. >> true. all right, dakota. just a point before you go. i want you to know that the approval of our congress is at
6:20 pm
an all-time low. but you need to know how much americans support the troops and the military. that number is constant and i doubt it will ever go down. thank you for what you've done. >> thank you so much. i mean, i think one thing really i feel coming from me and other veterans do, this is the first place we want to start cutting, i think that shows that kind of where our view is up there, you know? >> absolutely. all right. thank you, dakota. coming up, is our president risking national security with these proposed military cuts? that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ abe! get in!
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well this smaller capacity
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entails some additional risks even if we execute extended or simultaneous ground operations, our analysis showed that this force would be capable of deicively defeating aggression in one major combat theater. >> it is our view that the recommendations fit and represent a responsible realistic approach to supporting the president's defense strategy. >> defense strategy? the president has a defense strategy? the administration's proposal this week to shrink the ari to pre world war ii size brought outrage before we threaten action against russia. with me is randy forbes. good evening, congressmen. >> thank you, judge. good to be with you. >> congressmen, how do these cuts jeopardize our national security? >> well, judge, you have to put them in context.
6:25 pm
they didn't just start with these cuts. from almost the moment this administration came into office, they began dismantling the greatest military we've ever known. they have had five years in a row of major cuts that have taken place. and even before sequestration, they cut out $778 billion out of national defense. you mentioned what happens to the army. but the air force is now saying they may not be able to continue to guarantee that we'll have air dominance in a conflict. if you look at the navy in 2007, we are able to meet 90% of the requirements around the globe. this year we'll only be able to meet 43 and the lines get worse every year that we go out. >> is this just another example of a very long list of this administration's dislike for our military? >> well, i don't know if you can call it dislike, but you certainly have to say sit not setting a priority. judge, if we get defense wrong,
6:26 pm
none of the rest of this matters. and you are absolutely accurate in saying that this administration cannot articulate a national strategic defense posture right now. and that's important because our allies need to know what it is so they can come alongside of us with their acquisition. but also so that our opponents and enemies know. when you talked about the ukraine just a few moments ago, remember it was the russians that told president obama take all of your missile defense systems out of europe. he said yes, sir, took them out, put them on the back of the navy, gave the navy no additional assets. now they're proposing to cut out 11 cruisers, half of our muscle in the cruiser treat that they're going to drop count to one carrier. it didn't make strategic sense. >> then you've got president obama saying there are going to be cause for military intervention. what is he thinking? is he bipolar? >> i don't know if it he's bipolar but i will tell you this. i don't think you have president
6:27 pm
putin exactly shaking in his boots tonight when he looks at what the president has been doing. and you know, it's comical but yet it's frightening because one of the weaknesses of this administration they no longer have any credibility with any world leader around the globe but secondly, they don't have credibility with the american people anywhere. we heard some testimony before the judiciary committee just this week saying we're actually reaching a constitutional tipping point in this country which should have us all very concerned. >> finally, these cuts, what do they mean for america and your constituents specifically? >> well, my constituents are america. and when you start talking about national defense, it all comes down to the risk that we're willing to put on our men and women in uniform. if you ask anybody in uniform, he'll tell you these cuts mean we'll have fewer people coming back if we have a conflict and we're more likely to get in a conflict because the way you stay out of conflicts is to have
6:28 pm
a strong national defense. >> thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. >> coming up, a top democrat says americans of health care are liars. is this guy clueless too?
6:29 pm
are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. csx. how tomorrow moves. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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live from america's news he headquarters. tensions continue to escalate in kri moo ya. the russian forces in the cri a crimea. president obama condemning the action. he spoke for 90 minutes today with russia's president. putin told mr. obama the troops are there because of threats against russian citizens. and another winter storm heading for the midwest and the northeast. heavy snow is in the forecast for some areas. the snow is starting out as rain and snow in california. the band of heavy snow causing a
6:32 pm
massive pieup near denver. more than 100 vehicles were involved in crashes along the entertain of 235. i'm mary an rafrty. now back to "justice" with judge jeanine. there's plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are untrue. but in those tales turned out to be just that, tales. stories made up. lies distorted by republicans to grab headlines or make political t advertisements. >> that's hairy reid, you know with the guy, who nose gets longer every time he opens his mouth. call americans who have lost insurance because of obama care liars. he's the one that would not
6:33 pm
apass a bill for cancer patients. and then he attacks a reporter as responsible and reckless for calling him out on it. and harry, you call us liars? all of the medical nightmares are untrue? all brought about by republicans and their political agendas? i have news for you. not one republican voted for you or obama care and you still want to blame us. senator do you ever take off your political hat and think about people as human beings, not republicans or democrats, like the 17-year-old with malformations on her brain about to have her 90th surgery who lost insurance because of you? now she's a liar too? her mom now demanding that you put your money where your mouth is and apologize to her and the american people. harry, time to take off those rose colored glasses and start looking at people as human beings and not as your political
6:34 pm
enemies. with me now practicing fen and former senior policy adviser to the centers for medicare and medicaid services, dr. scott gottlieb and authur of beating obama care, betty. are these stories add made up? >> no. there are a lot of dislocations in the market where people are finding they thought they were insured and they're not. or they got insurance throuobam and they can't get to the doctors they need to. >> let's take a listen to something else that harry reid said. >> for years jean was locked into her job as a schoolteacher because she, brett and their two teenage children needed guaranteed health insurance. it cost a lot. but jane was able to quit her teaching job, spend more time
6:35 pm
with her children and help her husband at the family small business. jane says the affordable care act has literally changed her life and the lives of her loved ones. >> all right. betsy, without getting into whether being locked down in teaching is a bad thing, is this administration against work? >> they seem to be against work but they're certainly not for the truth. and i want to underscore the point he made before about liars. the people he are calling liars are people with preexisting conditions, the very people that the president and his party claimed to be protecting. these are people who had health insurance as most people with preexisting did, they lost it, they were forced on to these obamacare exchange plans where they no longer have access to the doctors, the hospitals and the medications they came to rely on. i talked to a doctor this morning who treats ms patients
6:36 pm
and he told me that many of his patients are deteriorating because the exchange plans refuse to pay for six out of ten of the ms medications that those patients need to stave off the disease. >> that's what we're seeing. the regulations immediate these plans so expensive that the insurers went off the network of fens. so what you're seeing is networks that are narrow, people can't see a lot of doctors and the list of drugs you can get access to are very small. if your drug isn't on that list, you're completely out of pocket. you're on your own. we also looked at ms drugs -- >> 6,000 dollars a month -- >> a month. >> and dr. english told me about a 20-year-old nursing student who had to quit nursing school because her health status was deteriorating so rapidly she could no longer get the drugs she needed.
6:37 pm
>> the money you spend on that won't count against your deductible or your out of pocket maximum. you're completely on your own. most consumers aren't going took used to that because that's not what prevails in the existing commercial market. >> where is your compassion? >> when he said what he did about the child with cancer. but you make such a good point. you know, keep your doctor, the president said. i'm not going to go over there. but it was supposedly, america, we should be pa happy now if you have a preexisting illness, you're covered. what we're finding is like i if found on this show, a woman in the middle of her chemo, he couldn't continue to go to her doctor. >> patients with preexisting conditions and seniors are the two groups clobbers by the obama health law. >> those are the drugs typically missing from these health care plns. >> let's take a listen to what the president said. >> we're going to make a big push these last few weeks. but as i said, i can talk, my
6:38 pm
team the talk here in washington. it's not going to make as much of a difference as if u yo were out there making the case. the work you're doing, you know, is god's work. it is hard work. >> okay. the little sisters of the poor aren't doing god's work and the justice department is going after them. but obama's volunteers of part of his political arm are doing god's work. is he kidding? i mean, what do you think about that, doctor? i'll go to you first. >> people aren't signing up for the plans because they're not good deals. these were plans devised in washington. they don't do what they need them to do. they're very expensive and tight plans. that's why they're not getting people to enroll. people looked at this and they don't enroll.
6:39 pm
>> what do you think about that comment? >> seniors are the next to really feel the pain. we've seen the cuts to medicare advantage. many seniors are losing the doctors they've depended on because the cuts to medicare advantage plans are translated into fewer and fewer doctors available to seniors. >> all right. how many more americans are going to lose their insurance? >> about 25 million more as small group plauns are not renewed and employers say i can't afford this obamacare plan that's mandated. >> that will happen this fall right before the election. all of the plans were grandfathered in for another year. this fall that grandfathering is up. >> how will it affect the businesses? >> the businesses are going to have to pay much more money or put their employees into obamacare. the administration may do something to put this off because they don't want it to happen around the election. >> why not. >> hey, you know what? with the executive orders, he
6:40 pm
could change it at will, which is what we've seen. anyway, do americans have any -- what are their options if they've lost insurance? do they have options? >> unfortunately obamacare is a bad deal for most people who have lost their coverage and especially people who are going to lose on the job coverage. they're going to find when they go to text change plans the premiums are higher and they're paying with after tax dollars, huge detukts and they can't use the doctor and hospital they came to rely on. >> dr. gottlieb and betsy mccoy, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> coming up, many called for the impeachment of the attorney general eric holder. now a prominent african american group is calling for his impeachme impeachment. why? try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good!
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6:45 pm
why? >> because the person over the justice department, eric holder, is supposed to enforce the law. instead of enforcing the law, he's standing on the law. it's not what the people want, it's what he wants. and all of the states where the people voted, they voted for marriage between a man and a woman, but he has made a decision that what he wants is us to have a society where no gender is recognized and he's pushing the homosexual agenda which is unfair to our people. and that's the reason we want people to go to our website and sign -- we want a million signatures to impeach holder. go in and sign, we need those million signatures. because this man is a bully. he has bullied his way and he's lawless. and we want to stop it. there has to be a voice to let mr. holder know that this is a
6:46 pm
democracy. he's not a king giving orders and that's what he's doing. he's destroying the family. >> what do you think their agenda is? >> their agenda is to make society a -- to have no gender. as an example in the state of california, a lot of people just don't know this. in the state of california boys can go to little girls rest room and girls can go to little boys rest room. and if we eventually end up in our churches and all aspects of society. and this is not right. and they call this civil rights. it's not a civil right, it's a civil wrong. >> the african american community believed that an african american president would be more sensitive to their needs. yet, in addition to what you're talking about, there are more african americans out of work than ever. what do you think of that? >> well i think that the president didn't want to address
6:47 pm
the needs of the african american community because he said, well, i'm the president of all the people, not just african americans. well he's the president of all of the people, he should be my president and represent my belief and not ignore my christian believes with not just to homosexual agenda. he took that up. so we feel that this administration, holder, should be impeached, put out of office because he's lawless and a bully and we're tied of it. we're going to stand up. we're not going to be silent. we're going to stand up. the fight has just started. we want eric holder out. >> thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you for having me, judge. >> coming up, a new report shows that the u.s. power grid may be more at risk than we feared. including unlimited talk unlimited text ...and 10 gigs of data to share. 10 gigs? 10 gigs. all for $160 dollars a month.
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we had an overwhelming response to last week's special, justice investigation, into the vulnerability of the u.s. power grid. and we intend to stay on this vital issue until congress passes legislation to protect the american people. this week, a news report released from a bipartisan policy center on the dangers to our grid lays out the urgent changes that need to be enacted now. with me is the former chairman of the federal energy regulatory commission and one of the authors of that report, curt a. bear. curt, what are your findings on this report? >> well, as you know, judge jeanine, what we did is put a group of professionals together in the industry to come up with ideas that were out there on cyber security, things that needed to be done.
6:52 pm
we had general hadden, the former director of the cia, as one of my co-chairs, and sue terney. we put together recommendations of standards and best practices on cyber security. in fact sharing, things we need to be doing there with regard to cyber security. how you respond to a cyber attack. how we go from there. and then lastly, the financial impacts. how do we pay for it? who helps pay for it? what does that mean to us? one of the things we're learning right now is there's a plan through 2020 to spend about $7 billion in the electric industry on cyber security. >> who's spending the money, the government or the industry? >> it's going to be the industry. >> all right. but right now, i understand that the north american electric regulatory commission is both a
6:53 pm
regulator, as well as almost a trade union. who is going to force them to do it? we can't get a shield law, we can't get any of this stuff passed. the report is great, but is anything really going to happen? >> absolutely. i think things are going to happen, and this is the first part of it. you have to open up a conversation and say -- >> how many -- with all due respect, and you know i respect you, a conversation? right now, everyone knows that there was a problem with that san jose plant in california. that there have been other attempts. that north korea has something like a nuclear device that is in the area where we don't have a missile defense system with a consistency that would create an electro magnetic pulse. what's to talk about? >> well, the incident that you're talking about was a physical attack, it was not a cyber attack. >> it doesn't matter. the result is the same. >> well, the result is the same,
6:54 pm
but we do have infrastructure that is not as protected as we would like for it to be. but the one thing we know with cyber security is that the electricity piece of the infrastructure is the most critical. because if we lose the electricity, what happens? we lose our health care, our financial systems break down. >> everything. >> that's exactly right. so these recommendations, some of which we're getting pushback on, to say perhaps we need to have one group that can focus on this. >> who is pushing back? who is pushing back? >> organizations, you know, everyone, there's always turf, right? people have conversations about well, you're infringing on us, we can do it better here. whether it's regulatory agencies, state, federal, whether it's someone like department of homeland security, department of energy, we need everyone involved. but we have to have someone in charge, don't we? we have to have a common operating procedure as we move
6:55 pm
forward. and we don't have that here. so we have to figure out where we're going, how quickly we're going to get there. but is it going to cost us money, so we have to focus on that. but i do think as we talk with congress about creating organizations, we've talked about this before, the institution for nuclear power operations, they're a private group, privately funded. but when they speak, they are the harshest on the nuclear industry, the nuclear power industry. anyone in the united states, you have an organization like that, that can speak to this, we can get a long of things down. >> all right, curt, this is a nonpartisan issue, the security and safety of americans is at steak. thank you for being was. in a huge response to our power grid special last week, here's what some of you have had to say. gloria says, christian pastors have been talking about this for years, and now it's finally coming to the news. thank you for sharing.
6:56 pm
lynn says, really? tell the terrorists where our weak spots are from an ex-cia head? plain stupid. lynn, i'll tell you what's stupid. what's stupid is making believe that they don't already know. what's stupid is not forcing congress and the obama administration to do something and protect us. and what's stupid is americans not getting ready for what might be a nightmare. the bad guys have known this for a long time. nothing new to them. new for a lot of judge pirro watches. and lewis said, i think you dropped the ball by not encouraging citizens to be armed to the teeth in case the lights go out. lewis, i'm ready. darrell says, who cares anymore? with some luck, maybe we can all just get nuked and won't have to worry about anymore of it anymore. darrell, i have a question, are
6:57 pm
you depressed? you need to rethink your meds. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter and pick up my book out in paper book wherever books are sold. you want
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